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– Depression, Stress, HRT

“This is the first time I have ever contacted a supplier, but I just have to say thank you. I am thirty-four years old, and have suffered endlessly with PMS, to the point of severe clinical depression. I thought I would have to live my best years being crazy for 10 days of every month. Since using Natpro, my periods take me by surprise. Almost no mental symptoms, much better sleep, NO cramps, less cravings. In short,I feel I have got myself back, and my whole family is grateful! I am never without it. Sincere thanks – Tanya Vandenberg, South Africa” ”

“I live in the UK, where progesterone cream is practically unknown. I began having problems five years ago as I hit 40. I had a myriad of strange symptoms, which were ultimately put down to stress and depression, and I was given antidepressants. I felt okay for a while, then many symptoms returned, and this time I was given HRT. For a while – improvement – then, back where I started. HRT was changed to a different brand. No change – in fact, it all got worse. In desperation I began to read up all I could about hormones, stress, oestrogen etc. etc. and decided that maybe progesterone was the missing ingredient…? To cut a long story short, by a convoluted route I have discovered your cream and this site, and I wanted you to know that I think the product and the site are brilliant. I WISH that more UK women and their GP’s were informed – how can I help to let them know? Where else can I find more information? Thank you for this site – I will recommend it to everyone. Yours gratefully, Julia Finan”

– Hot flushes, PMS, Bloating & more

“I have been using Natpro cream for six weeks as recommended by my physician who diagnosed a lack of progesterone. After one month of use a number of the symptoms had subsided to a degree (hot flushes, weepiness, bloating, PMS symptoms and aggression, however I was still experiencing some facial flushes, some weepiness and still had lower abdominal pains). As such she suggested I increase the dose which I did two weeks ago. Since then I have experienced a massive increase in the amount of water I have been passing each day. I have to get up up to five times each night despite not drinking for at least two hours before going to sleep, am passing water throughout the day usually at half hour intervals (sometimes as little as five minutes after the last time). I also have a very heavy sensation in my lower abdomen and pains throughout my cycle. My physician says this is normal And that I am simply getting rid of excess fluid I had amassed while bloating. I would be very grateful if you could inform me if you aware of these passing symptoms as a possible result of using the cream. I am 31 years old, do not drink tea or coffee (ie diuretics) but do drink cola. Thank you in advance for your assistance.” Name withheld.

– Depression, Migraine, Backache, Allergies & more

“Thank you for the wonderful thing, which is Natpro. As from the period of 18 months, the cream is an inseparable part of my day. The years of great distress to my body and mind are finally over. I am 51 years old and my health problems have started long time ago. During those times I have been visiting many doctors of different specialties, as my problems were on the increase, as the years went by. Couple of times a year I had sinus treatments. Gynecologists, for over twenty years, were prescribing for me (in vain) different medication for yeast infection. Backache, painkillers and hours of physiotherapy. 12 years ago, I’ve gone through hysterectomy. The more intense migraines, made my day really uncomfortable. Seven years ago, I had an ovary operation. Then, another operation followed, on my nasal. All that, according to the doctors, had to remove the cause of migraines. After couple of month, I had to go back, unfortunately, to my old dose of painkillers. I became allergic to my cosmetics. The numbness to my hands and legs got worst and worst. I felt always tired, irritated and unhappy. My energy diminished and I have lost my optimism. I didn’t want to reconcile myself with the state at which I was at, I felt trapped. None of the painkillers helped, antibiotics, operations. I didn’t seem to keep up with responsibilities at home, nor at work. My family was suffering together with me. I was being dogged, the doctor was prescribing me antidepressant drugs. I took them for half a year and there seemed to be a slight relief. Afterwards, it was even worse than before, I couldn’t look at myself into a mirror- I surrendered. The help came at the last moment. Friend of my, Janine, took me for a ‘talk’ where I got to know the effects of natural progesterone. I started to apply the cream. Already, after four days, I could feel a slight relief in my sinuses. My neck was not as stiff and there were fewer backaches. New days followed and there were new successes. I started to think more clearly, woke up full of joy and happiness. I could feel, that I regained my energy. My husband and my sons were getting back a smiling wife and mom. I was not afraid of making any new plans for the future and it was, finally, myself back again who didn’t have to carry painkillers with herself wherever I went. As from one and a half years now, I did not have any migraines, mood changes, hot flushes, sleep-less nights, stiff neck, backaches, eye allergies, any fear for meeting with people. One after the other, I was crossing them out from my ‘troubled-list’. Year and a half ago, there were more then 40 of them. I thank you once again for Natpro. I will always be grateful to Janine. I feel, as I was reborn again. I really don’t recall when I ever was feeling so great. Pity, however, that I didn’t know about Natpro 20 years ago. It is only therefore, that I tell my relatives and friends about the cream. Love from all my heart, Dorota

– Pre-menstrual tension (PMT or PMS)

“I’ve now successfully been using Natpro since about February (along with various soya supplements, star flower oil, etc) and as a suggestion from Dr Bond (on my brief visit to her!) I’ve been doing 3 weeks on and 1 week off. I think she suggested it on the basis that if I were still having periods and taking the usual HRT it would be a 3:1 ratio, plus to avoid endometrial cancer. I notice that as I come towards the end of my 3 weeks, I do start showing slight PMT symptoms of irritability, more sweats/flushes, food cravings (particularly chocolate) and slight bloating (probably due to the consumption of chocolate!!!). I don’t think I’ve had a regular monthly period (except for the 7 months I was on HRT) for about 3 years now (I’m 49 yrs) so would you think its necessary to have the 1 week break? I don’t seem to suffer very much more from the flushes during the week off. Cheers, Judy”
“After trying a number of different HRT treatments and suffering uncomfortable side effects, I was given Natpro cream by a private consultant and have been more than happy with the results. My own GP has now provided me with a private prescription for Natpro but I have been unable to find anyone to supply it to me. Can you help? Regards, Cindy”

– HRT alternative

“I cannot express adequately enough in words how delighted and well I am feeling as a result of going off HRT and using only “Natpro”! In January 2001 I started to wean myself off the HRT that I had been on for nearly 3 years. I did it gradually over a period of 3 months and from April onwards I was using only “Natpro”, twice a day. I have suffered with Hypertension since I turned 50 years old and the menopause started to set in, and I never connected the two. I am now 56 years old. My blood pressure was often 200/110, even on medication, and I seemed to suffer terrible side effects from the tablets, not the least of which were upper respiratory infections and coughs which lasted for several months on end, until my medication was changed, only to return again after a month or two on the next tablet. However, the good news is that I have been off ALL high blood pressure tablets since the first week of August this year and have had my BP checked every couple of weeks and cannot believe that my readings are now on average 122/66 !!! I have suffered considerable stress in the past few months due to family problems and my blood pressure has remained consistently low, despite the circumstances! This is just too wonderful for words and I wish to thank you for introducing me to “Natpro” and my new state of health! My hot flushes never returned and I found that very gradually I seemed to be losing weight. I was obviously a prime candidate for “oestrogen dominance” and just could never lose weight, no matter how hard I tried or which diet I tried. Anyway, that is in the past and my weight is slowly but surely diminishing, without any particular diet, just healthy eating. I thank God too, because I am quite convinced that going the “natural” way is in His plan as well! Thanks again and God Bless Dawn Liebenberg”

– Oestrogen dominance

“I saw Dr Bond last Thurs. She was delightful and totally sympathetic and helpful, as I had expected. She said it is obvious that I am oestrogen dominant which may be just me, the implant or a combination of both. Nothing can be done about the implant. She has prescribed a stronger progesterone cream – 10% – which she has made by a chemist in Richmond and I am to use it for a month and then phone her. I think she wants me to have a saliva test while I am using the cream to see how the levels are. She hopes if it all works that I can eventually go back to using Natpro. I am looking forward to, hopefully, feeling normal soon! Lots of love, Nicky”

– Infertility

“Two years ago I was trying to fall pregnant… and having very little effect and by the third year I was becoming very emotional and weepy. Even packed my job in. My Mother talked me round to seeing a natural doctor who advised me that my progesterone levels were very low and that my oestrogen level to high, he prescribed me the NatPro cream. (alas I do not have his number anymore) Within one month I had fallen pregnant and now have a very beautiful girl (aged two)… so two years on and my husband and I have decided to go for our second…….. no luck so far and I haven’t even be on the pill. I can tick off many of the problems you listed as I have too much oestrogen in the body and I know that my hormones are unbalanced. I bleed lightly more or less the whole month and then at the end of the month have a regular period.
Its the same story all over again but worse as I didn’t have the constant bleeding which my GP thinks are fibroids. My GP is testing my blood this week ..but I would like to be able to buy some more Natro cream …is this possible.????…..I know my GP will have no idea of this …(small town practise !!!!!) Can I buy over the web/phone? My husband and I swear that this cream helped me along to becoming pregnant the first time and we thank you for this. Look forward to hearing your comments. Regards, Mrs. Rosie Baldwin”

– Cancer, Hormone Balance

Dr Paul Layman was asked to comment about natural progesterone and possible side effects. He practices in the UK and runs a cancer clinic. Below is his reply to another prominent UK promoter of progesterone therapy. “Natpro is safe as houses as far as I am concerned. People get ill because their systems are out of balance. Bringing the hormones back into balance with progesterone is part of the healing. Best wishes, Paul”

– Pre-Menstrual Tension (PMT)

“I am thrilled to bits with the results in the way the (Natpro) cream has worked for me. My periods are not half so painful as they were- and I hardly get PMT. Sometimes I’ve started my period and it’s been a surprise to me – because normally I know the week before I’m due with really bad stress, but not with the cream. It has helped me tremendously and I would like to thank you for giving women the option of trying such a wonderful product. I tell everybody I can and even my doctor wants details of it so I’ve sent him the booklet and the tape. Yours Thankfully- Carol H, UK “36 years and stress free”