Natural Progesterone V/S Progestin


There is much confusion in the minds of both the public and the professions between progesterone on the one hand, and the progestins or progestogens and “yam extracts” on the other.

Let me clear the confusion for you. Here are the essentials…

  1. Progesterone is made in our body from cholesterol. This is broken down into pregnenolone and then into progesterone. Your body then makes the other hormones that it needs from the progesterone.This is a vital point to understand… progesterone is the essential raw material from which your body makes the other hormones. Its this simple fact that helps anyone appreciate just how wide ranging the effects of a difficiency can be. This is why progesterone therapy can be effective in treating such a wide range of health problems.
  2. The progesterone your body makes has a unique molecular structure. Here’s what the “natural” hormone looks like…
    Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 15.34.57
  3. The progestins and progestogens on the other hand have an altered molecular structure. Here’s what they look like…
    Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 15.36.13
  4. Spot the difference? They may look similar to the real thing… just as ivy and spinach are both green and leafy (ivy quiche anyone?) Need more proof?
  5. The fact is progestins behave in the body in radically different ways to progesterone itself. The only similarity between progestins and the natural hormone is their ability to maintain the endometrium (the lining of the uterus) thus making them effective contraceptives. This also means they can be patented and sold for exhorbitant prices.
  6. The natural hormone has NO TOXIC side effects. However, the progestins and progestogens are potentially highly toxic because of their altered molecular structure. Some of the known side effects are:
    1. an increased risk of abortion and congenital abnormalities if taken by pregnant women
    2. fluid retention
    3. epilepsy
    4. migraine
    5. asthma
    6. cardiac and renal dysfunction
    7. depression
    8. breast tenderness
    9. nausea
    10. insomnia
    11. cancer
    12. a drop in progesterone levels …and many more.
  7. The long term effect of progestins on adrenal, herpatic, ovarian and uterine function is unknown.
  8. And now for “yam extracts” and “yam creams”… simply put “these do not contain progesterone”. They do contain the plant steroid diosgenin, but the body cannot convert diosgenin into the hormone itself. The yam creams can have a beneficial adaptogenic effect on the body but, unlike progesterone, they cannot correct hormonal imbalances such as excessive levels of oestrogen.

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