Progesterone Balance


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The menstrual cycle is dominated by the two hormones, estrogen and progesterone. The essence of the term “progesterone balance” is the balance or interaction between these two hormones.

Estrogen, which is produced mainly by the ovaries, ensures the development of the breasts and uterus at puberty. After this its role is to build the uterine lining, or endometrium, each month prior to fertilisation as well as to help regulate the menstrual cycle and normalise blood cholesterol levels. Progesterone is made in the body each month by the corpus luteum which is a yellow body formed in the ovary after ovulation.

If the balance between the two hormones gets disrupted in any way, and the stresses of our Western way of life – not least our diet – frequently cause this, then a great many adverse symptoms can occur.
Progesterone balance = reduced symptoms

Nothing could be further from the truth. Oestrogen dominance
A phenomenon known as “estrogen dominance” happens in many women when progesterone balance is impaired. This plays havoc not only with their emotions but creates very unpleasant physical side effects. The reason behind this is the increasing use of chemicals in the world and the widespread use of estrogen in oral contraceptives and in hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Unfortunately estrogen dominance is something few people know anything about. Most women have been convinced that estrogen is the answer to most female hormonal problems, whether in the form of the contraceptive pill for menstruating women or HRT for menopausal women.

Fortunately progesterone balance is easy to acheive and maintain. How? Simply by withdrawing estrogen and replacing it with progesterone.

The following list gives some of the symptoms of estrogen dominance:

  1. Mastitis
  2. Menstrual cycles can become irregular
  3. Increases the risk of fibroids
  4. Potentially addictive and abusive
  5. Increases the risk of breast cancer
  6. May initiate fibrocystic breast disease
  7. Increases the risk of uterine cancer
  8. Water retention and bloating
  9. Weight gain
  10. Loss of energy
  11. Decreases libido
  12. Bad temper
  13. Increases risk of stroke and heart disease
  14. Causes chronic fatigue
  15. Causes skin to become thinner
  16. Incidental in the start of osteoporosis
  17. Can induce hypertension & high blood pressure
  18. Headaches

The majority of doctors have not heard of the benefits of progesterone and the concept of progesterone balance. Fortunately, however, a few enlightened medical doctors in the USA, Britain and elsewhere have been using progesterone to treat their patients for a number of years now.

Progesterone cream is currently being used by thousands of women in the western world to ensure they maintain progesterone balance. The speed with which the cream relieves symptoms varies depending upon both the health problem itself and the quality of the cream being used. Some women find relief within five days, in others it can take three months, while the reversal of osteoporosis can take six months. Many menstruating women find that they can discontinue using the cream after a few months as their symptoms have cleared up.

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